Wednesday, March 20, 2019

RoundUp Round Up

RoundUp - Not using PPE,  personal protective equipment that is REQUIRED and on the label is deadly ! Neglecting to use PPE will result in consequences. 
Having a TDA Pest Control License teaches us how to properly use chemicals. 
Weeds are classified as a pest. 
The license teaches us that if we are using a chemical that is labeled as dangerous or hazardous we have to have a blood test that will set a base level of how much if any of the chemical is in our blood. Follow up with quarterly blood tests. 
We MUST throughly read and understand the label. THE ENTIRE LABEL.... it’s the law. 
Those who treat without a license are supposed to be fined. 
There’s a license that is at a lower cost for treating on your own property. The education is worth the time. It’ll save your life !
It’s easy... obtain the study guides... take the test... pass the test or study more and retake the test. 
Our life, our pet’s life, aquatic life and the environment depends on us to do what is required. Do it out of love for our earth. 

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