Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Leaves are the "Money Makers" for the tree. They make "money" (glucose) to spend on wound closing, seed production, flowers, fruit, leaf drop and budding out and to deal with stresses and more. Each branch is self supporting. If the leaves on the branch don't produce enough "money" the tree compartmentalizes the limb and it dies. If the limb over produces, the "money" is stored in one of the tree's banks - the root system. One of the 4 functions of the root system is storage. So keep the leaves on the tree. Except when the tree is dormant ( sleeping ).

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

This year we are getting hammered by tree diseases both bacterial and fungal. We also have high occurrences of insects and mites !! Having a hard extremely hot long Summer, drought last year, a weak Winter and a wet Spring this year all adds up to, "Our Trees Need Help !" So many diseases have similar maybe even the same signs and symptoms that lab tests are needed to obtain an exact diagnosis. From there I can treat for the specific tree disease. I am the help your trees need ! OR

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Oak Wilt Beetle

I found it and have pictures of the raskels (beetles) that help spread Oak Wilt. I actually have the beetles in a specimen bag!! How cool is that ?
Nitidulid Beetles

Bradford Pear Trees With Brown Leaves

I'm hearing of Bradford Pear trees with brown dead leaves throughout the tree. This is most likely due to weed killer, or something of the sort, being put on the yard. The tree's root suckers absorb the broad leaf weed killer and leaves die in the tree as well as the sucker leaves.
 It's early enough in the season so the trees should survive. Just stop the weed killer and pull weeds around trees.
If the tree doesn't survive call us to remove it or better yet replace it. 214-288-0783
ISA Certified Arborist Curtis Hopper TX-3236A

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Trees Trees Trees: Oak Wilt Fungicide

Trees Trees Trees: Oak Wilt Fungicide: I understand the concern over fungicides. Alamo is INJECTED into the tree to SAVE ITS LIFE practically eliminating the fungicide from gettin...

Oak Wilt Fungicide

I understand the concern over fungicides. Alamo is INJECTED into the tree to SAVE ITS LIFE practically eliminating the fungicide from getting into the soil. Proper handling of the chemicals by Licensed Chemical Applicators, licensed by the Texas Department of Agriculture, is critical to achieving the objective of the fungicides NOT entering into the environment. We are trained, and have to obtain ongoing training called CEU's to legally and safely inject this particular fungicide. We are held accountable by the TDA to prove we obtain the required CEU's and keep records.

Properly Planting Trees In Plano, TX and beyond

ANSI ( American National Standards Institute ) has proper tree planting guidelines. "Tree Planting" Best Management Practices which is a companion to the ANSI A300 Part 6: Tree, Shrub, and Other Woody Plant Maintenance - Standard Practices (Transplanting). In my opinion / experience it all starts with proper tree selection for the site. Then digging the planting hole to make it wide enough to be able to remove the burlap and wire basket that is around the tree root ball AFTER the tree is inserted into the planting hole, lowered by the basket not the tree. In other words don't handle the tree by the tree itself but the basket. You don't want to rip the roots so you move the tree around by the root ball and the dirt that's around the root ball. The top 18 inches is the most important of the root ball. Even peeling down the burlap and wire basket is acceptable. Not burring the root flare or planting the tree too deep is the next thing. Often the root flare has had dirt added to the root ball while in the nursery. The dirt must be removed from the root flare because the root flare is not root material. It's not supposed to be under ground and will rot over time disrupting the transport of water and nutrients to the crown of the tree (Transpiration). I like the idea of driving survey stakes through the root ball and "toe nailing" it into the ground as apposed to staking the tree. The tree needs to move so to increase trunk diameter and encourage root growth. They don't recommend putting mulch around the new tree in my opinion because people get carried away and make a volcano mulch pile with the tree being the eruption of the volcano. It also adds to the maintenance of the new tree. I like to add 2 inches or less of mulch so the nutrients won't be baked out of the root ball by the sun at least until the tree can shade its root system. Also, the temperature of the root system must be kept at an acceptable level for root growth. I plan on video recording a tree planting by my company Totally Trees Yard Note Tree Service LLC, Totally Trees...LLC for short, soon. Look for it soon on my YouTube channel Reading the above mentioned ANSI Standards will broaden your tree planting knowledge as it has mine. I can't write all that is said in the 41 page guide. You can purchase the guide from the ISA at or or . Just search ANSI Tree Planting.

Replacing Trees vs. Removing Trees in Plano, Texas and beyond

Trees Trees Trees: Ask me something about trees. We offer award winning tree service / care / tree trimming, pruning and tree removals / replacements. STOP REMOVING trees and START REPLACING them in Plano, Texas. Plano, TX used to be mostly farm land, flat farm land. We need to replace the drought stricken trees and not just remove them. Most HOA's support this thought. There are problems in the soil left over from Plano,TX being flat farm land such as Cotton Root Rot. We need to replace trees with the trees that are resistant to this disease. Chinese Pistachio trees are one tree that is resistant to Cotton Root Rot fungi. 

Trees Trees Trees:

Trees Trees Trees: Ask me something about trees. We offer award winning tree service / care / tree trimming, pruning and tree removals / replacements. STOP removing trees and START replacing them.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Ask me something about trees.

Tree Service In Plano, Texas

Need a tree service or tree trimming in Plano,Texas ? I can answer your questions here. Tree removal, tree trimming,tree punning, all you need for your trees right here.

Arboriculture 101

I just finished up a 4 day course of Dr. Todd Watson's Arboriculture 101 in College Station, Texas. The course is great and provides required CEU's for my ISA Arborist Certification and my TDA Applicaters License. It's fun to learn under Dr. Todd Watson. His teaching technique is superior.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Have you noticed the Mistletoe has been on the decline this Winter here in Dallas, TX area ? Probably due to the drought. I'll ask the expert on the subject in Feb when I go back to school again. School is a part of my life now and I absolutely crave learning. Knowledge is power.