Thursday, January 31, 2013

May your voice cry Bodily out of my chest.  May your tears fill my eyes for your children oppressed.  May your feet carry me till I come to your rest.  May your light illumin my inky dark nest.

Tree Trimming / Prunning

I / we trim trees according to continuing updated Industry Standards and ISA Certified Arborist guidelines. It's important to leave interior foliage. The exterior foliage stops photosynthesis when it exceeds its exceptable temperature range. It then functions to shade and cool the interior foliage so it continues to convert sun light, carbon dioxide and water/nutrients into usable energy to grow, compartmentalize, deal with stress like drought and more within the tree. The tree is a system that can't shut down. The leaves are money makers for the tree. When the leaves make more money than the trees need at that time, it's stored in the tree's bank, the root system. If there is no stored money the tree goes bankrupt. There is no bankruptcy bail out for the tree... it dies. Email us to trim out the awkward growing, rubbing, and dead limbs and to thin the canopy so it doesn't catch the wind in extremes and allows light under and through the tree for grass. Also to be city code compliant. ISA Certified Arborist Curtis Hopper TX-3236A

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Dr Todd Watson's Arboriculture 101 is coming up and is a CAN'T MISS for those who love Arboriculture or desire to become a ISA Certified Arborist.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

I joined the Aloha Arborist Association to learn more about palms and tropical trees for 2013. Plan to move there in 2017 !!!