Friday, April 19, 2013

Excuses Excuses Excuses

With all I'm trying to teach the public I often forget that we trim hair and prune trees. It seems as though ..."one thing at a time" The priority now being that we leave the trees thicker with Shade leaves in the center that continue to function when the outer leaves shut down because they reach their max temp. Their guard cells close their lenticels to preserve water / transpiration. The outer leaves' job is then to shade the interior leaves keeping them cool enough to due their jobs. MAKE THAT MONEY HONEY !!! Storing "Money" in the tree bank, the root system to spend on stresses, seeds, flowers, wound closing, and the like. The spends are sinks. They have limited ROI. What I've been taught by all the conferences I've been to pays off when MY client's trees are still alive.( At least the ones who follow my instructions and advise ) End of class for now..